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The path of the Candlestick Park Tornado

Clippings from the Jackson Daily News on the afternoon of March 3, 1966

Above: Candlestick Park shopping center after the tornado - Below: Cleanup of Candlestick Park shopping center begins

Candlestick Park Tornado

March 3, 1966

Candlestick Park Tornado

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On March 3, 1966, one of the most devastating tornadoes in Mississippi history occurred. This tornado would come to be known as the “Candlestick Park” tornado, named after a shopping center in south Jackson which was totally destroyed by the tornado. One of only two documented F5 (the most violent on the Fujita scale) tornadoes to strike Mississippi in the 20th century, this tornado carved a path of destruction across central and east central Mississippi. The worst damage occurred in parts of Hinds, Rankin, Scott, and Leake counties, where a total of 58 people were killed and over 500 were injured.

This was the second deadliest, most damaging, and longest track (202.5 miles) tornado in central  Mississippi during the 20th century. 

Front page of The Clarion Ledger from March 4, 1966

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