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The Dummy Mummy

The Dummy Mummy is displayed at the Old Capitol Museum each fall through Halloween

For decades children from Jackson and across Mississippi visited the state capitol and thrilled to the displays of Native American arrowheads, a menacing nineteenth-century Bowie knife, and a World War I machine gun. But one artifact surpassed all others in popularity—a small, mummified Egyptian princess. Generations of young people viewed the delightfully macabre figure in its red velvet coffin. Many joined the public outcry in the 1950s when the state decided not to include it in the Mississippi history museum then being planned, and many letters to the editor decried the decision after it was relegated to a storage room when that museum opened.

The artifact was not exhibited because it did not pertain directly to Mississippi history. But in 1969 another reason to keep it hidden away was revealed—the mummy was a fake, made of wood, nails, newspaper, and animal bones. The deception was discovered by a student at the University of Mississippi Medical School who had been given permission to X-ray the mummy for a class.

For the last several years, and to the delight of the public, the dummy mummy has made its return each October at the Old Capitol Museum, where it is prominently featured in the rotunda. New interpretation tells the story of the artifact, from its acquisition as part of the archaeological collection purchased from Brevoort Butler of Yazoo County in the early 1920s, as well as the efforts of the medical student Gentry Yeatman that led to the discovery of the forgery. The annual return of the mummy, such as it may be, is well on its way to becoming another Jackson tradition. And at the end of the month, the dummy mummy will be put away until the next fall.

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The History of the Dummy Mummy

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The Dummy Mummy at the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson

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