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Laura Kelly's grave and statue

The Grave of Laura Kelly

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The grave and statue of Laura Kelly is located in the Kosciusko City Cemetery in Section 3, north of the North Road

This tombstone with the statue is that of Laura V. Mitchell Kelly. She was born in 1852 and died in 1890 at 38 years of age. Her husband, C. Clay Kelly, a prominent Kosciusko business man, ordered a statue to be made in her likeness (dressed in her wedding gown) from a sculptor in Italy. The Kelly's residence located at 309 E. Jefferson Street in Kosciusko was under construction at the time of her death, and it is said that Mr. C. C. Kelly instructed the builder to add a third story to the home so that he would be able to look out the window of the third-floor cupola and see his wife's monument.

However, according to legend, the third floor didn’t get much use. It’s said Mr. Kelly was so heartbroken that he couldn’t even bear to look at the statue.

​Throughout the years, countless tales of mysterious happenings have been associated with the statue and grave site. The most bizarre, however, is that the statue appears to weep at times. ​Aside from shedding actual tears, a couple of other peculiar things are said to have taken place at the monument. It’s been reported the statue turns on her base at midnight and, on the anniversary of her death, a rose mysteriously appears in her hand.

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