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Spirit of Jackson, Mississippi

On May 5th 1975,  Elvis Presley performed a concert in aid of the McComb, Mississippi Tornado victims at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi. Elvis raised $108,860 to help residents who were affected by the devastation.

Since the audio for this benefit show is damaged beyond repair, 'Spirit Of Jackson, MS' includes two other shows from the MIssissippi Coliseum. Just over a month after the charity show, Elvis performed in Jackson again and this show is featured on Disc 2. Disc 1 is from September 1976 and one of his very best performances from 1976, prior to his stunning late December shows.

Elvis Presley: Spirit of Jackson, MS

Mississippi Retro Apparel

Mississippi Retro Apparel are wearable flashbacks from years gone by.

Elvis presenting Governor Bill Waller with a check for the McComb, Mississippi Tornado victims

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Ticket stub from the Spirit of Jackson, MS concert

Elvis Presley: Spirit of Jackson, MS album cover

Elvis receiving a Certificate of  Appreciation

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