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B. B. King was born on September 16, 1925 in Berclair, Mississippi

Many musicians have named their guitars. Willie Nelson has "Trigger"; Gene Simmons has "Axe"; Eric Clapton has "Blackie" and "Brownie"; Keith Richards has "Micawber"; but before them all B. B. King had "Lucille."

Over the years there have been several stories circulated about how B. B. King came up with the name. In an article titled The Legacy of Lucille: The Surprising Story Behind B. B. King's Guitar written by Richare Bienstock and published by Rolling Stone on May 15, 2015 the story of a fire at a venue where B. B. King was playing at a nightclub in Twist, Arkansas being behind the famous name:

        ...Lucille's beginnings date to 1949, when King, then in his early 20s, was performing at a nightclub              in Twist, Arkansas, in the dead of winter. To heat the cold room, King recalled in a video interview,                "they would take something that looked like a big garbage pail, half fill it with kerosene, light that fuel          [and] set it in the middle of the dance floor." All well and good, but on this night, a fight broke out                between two men, and the pail was knocked over. "It spilled on the floor, it looked like a river fire,"              the guitarist said. "And everyone started to run for the front door, including B. B. King."

        The blueseman managed to make it to safety outside — only to realize he had left his guitar behind.            He raced back inside to retrieve it even as the wooden building, he said, "started to fall in around                me." The next day, he learned that two men had died in the blaze and that the fight that had set off              the tragic chain of events had been over a woman who worked at the club. Her name was Lucille.

​        B. B., who claimed he "almost lost [his] life" rushing back into the nightclub, christened his guitar                after her, he said, "to remind me never to do a thing like that again"...

Mississippi Blues Trail sign for B. B. King's birthplace

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The Legacy of B. B. King's Lucille

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