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On August 21, 1997 Prince performed at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson. Towards the end of the concert word spread around the crowd that he intended to continue performing later that evening at The Dock on the Reservoir in Ridgeland. In an article titled When Prince Played Jackson and Rocked the Dock written by Bracey Harris and published by the Clarion Ledger on April 22, 2016 the memories of a local deejay of the night are shared:

Prince at The Dock

Prince performing at The Dock on the Reservoir in Ridgeland

Mississippi Memories

...For (Jan) Michaels (a deejay at Jackson's oldies station Q105.1 The River) the best part might have come after the show. During the concert word spread that Prince was going to make an appearance at The Dock, a then popular bar on the reservoir.  Michaels and hundreds of others fans gathered outside the venue waiting for his arrival.

"And the bus pulled up. We made this human pathway for him and he just got off the bus and  stepped down and played a whole another set," she said.

Many who were there will never forget dancing way into the early hours. Almost two decades later,  several on social media who had attended the concert the previous night expressed their regrets at having missed the after party.

"I don't have a single memory of the eighties that's not somehow tied to a Prince song,"  Michaels said. Michaels remembered car pool rides with her best friend, a battery operated jam box between them, listening to his royal badness.

"We would play Prince cassette tapes until they warped," she said...

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