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The 1953 Vicksburg tornadoes were a deadly severe weather event that affected northeastern Louisiana, southeastern Arkansas, and western Mississippi on December 5, 1953. At least four confirmed  tornadoes touched down; one of the tornadoes produced F5 damage on the Fujita scale as it moved through the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, causing 38 deaths in the area. It remains the fifth-deadliest tornado to affect Mississippi, behind the 1840 Great Natchez Tornado, the 1936 tornado in Tupelo, the 1971 tornado in Cary, and the 1966 Candlestick Park Tornado in Jackson. It is one of just four F5 tornadoes recorded in Mississippi since 1950.

Front page of The Sunday Post-Herald from December 6, 1953

This memorial for the tornado's victims is located at the intersection of Crawford Street and Washington Street

Destruction from the Vicksburg, Mississippi Tornado of 1953

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Vicksburg Devastated 

December 5, 1953

Vicksburg, Mississippi Tornado of 1953

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