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The Rotisserie: Where comeback sauce originated

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Mississippi Comeback Sauce

Mississippi Comeback Sauce

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Sometimes spelled kumback or cumback. Comeback sauce is often referred to as the kissing cousin of remoulade, and this versatile spiced sauce got its original kick in the 1930's in Jackson, Mississippi at The Rotisserie where it was invented by owner Alex Dennery. Comeback’s main ingredients include mayonnaise, garlic, and paprika, which give it that signature color.

Over the years a debate has developed if Comeback Sauce was indeed invented by Alex Dennery at the Rotisserie or one of the other Greek owned restaurants in the Jackson area. In an article titled Comeback Sauce: Mississippi's House Dressing written by Bracey Harris and published by the Clarion Ledger on June 28, 2016 the argument was put to rest:

        ...Some have credited The Rotisserie, Jackson’s first Greek restaurant. Others say it                          originated in 1935 at what’s believed to be the city’s oldest restaurant, the Mayflower Café.

        Jerry Kountouris, the Mayflower’s current owner, settles the debate. “It was The Rotisserie              (where comeback sauce originated),” he said over the phone. 

        Malcolm White, owner of Hal & Mal’s, said Rotisserie, the now-shuttered restaurant first                    owned by Alex Dennery, introduced “comeback” as a simple housing dressing sometime in            the late 1920s

        The way White says it was told to him by a descendant of Dennery is that the owner had                  instructed his staff to come up with a unique house dressing but then decided to take                      matters into his own hands...

Comeback Sauce originated at the Rotisserie Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi in the late 1920's