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They are for the crowd that knew the bars, clubs, restaurants and music of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. They are reminders of the best of times spent with family and friends at the best places, those places, back then.

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Bebop Record Shop

Bebop Recod Shop at Maywood Mart in Jackson

The first Bebop Record Shop opened in 1974 in Fondren next to the Capri Theatre. It was opened by Kathy Morrison, Drake Elder and Wayne Harrison. Bebop eventually expanded to have several locations in Jackson around the state of Mississippi. Due to several reasons Bebop closed its last location on May 28, 2011.

​In an article titled Bye-Bye, Bebop written by Lacey McLaughlin and published by the Jackson Free Press on May 25, 2011 Kathy Morrison shared the reasons for Bebop's demise.

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...After 37 years in business, Bebop nnounced that it will close its doors at Maywood Mart May 28. Bargain hunters and employees have been coming by in droves to reminiscence about the store, say their goodbyes and stockpile on music purchases. Sales have declined over the last few years. Hurricane Katrina destroyed Bebop's Biloxi store beyond recovery. Then, when it came time to renew the lease for the Maywood Mart location, Morrison couldn't negotiate with the landlord for a lower rent.

Over the years, Bebop has become a Jackson staple where patrons could find a wide election of  music, local bands' albums, vinyl records and event tickets. Closing the store wasn't an easy decision, Morrison says in between answering customers' questions.

"This has been most of my life," she says, adding that Katrina was one of the biggest setbacks. "That was just one big catastrophe," she says...

Bebop Record Shop

The first Bebop Record Shop was opened in 1974 in Fondren

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