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Postcard from the Edgewater Gulf Hotel

Edgewater Gulf Hotel in Biloxi, Mississippi circa 1940

Designed by architects Marshall and Fox and constructed by the owners of Chicago's Edgewater Beach Hotel in 1924-26 with 400 guest rooms, the Edgewater Gulf Hotel was one of the largest on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Guests that arrived in south Mississippi by train could disembark at the rail station on the hotel grounds at Edgewater Park. Early advertisements promoted the hotel as an air conditioned, fireproofed structure, and the hotel’s design allowed 95 percent of the rooms to have a view of the Mississippi Sound. In the formal dining room, guests ate on fine china atop heavy linen tablecloths with a view of the Gulf waters. The hotel complex was situated on 600 acres that included gardens, a golf course, tennis courts, and a glass-enclosed swimming pool. The Edgewater Gulf weathered the Great Depression and attracted many post-World War II conventions which boosted its business. It retained its grandeur through the 1960's, but closed in 1970, unable to compete with newer hotels. In 1971, the grand hotel was demolished by implosion to make way for expansion of Edgewater Mall shopping center.

Edgewater Gulf Hotel - Biloxi

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Front page of Harrison County's 'Way Down South newspaper on August 15, 1925

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