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The Ellis Theater, located at 104 South Court Street in Cleveland, MS, opened to a packed house on Thursday, January 7, 1938, with two showings of “Vogues of 1938.”  According to The Bolivar Commercial January 8, 1938:  “The new theatre, which has an unusually large auditorium for a town of this size, is substantially and attractively built, and is beautifully lighted within and without.”   For over 40 years, the Ellis was a place of entertainment for Cleveland and the surrounding area. After 1970 the Twin Cinema on Highway 8 West opened and the Ellis was sold to Rhodes Printing Company. The new owner renovated the interior of the building and leveled the theater floor to make work space for a print shop, but made very few changes to the exterior of the building. 

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Ellis Theater - Cleveland

Ellis Theater was located at 104 South Court Street in Cleveland, Mississippi

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