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Room key from the Hotel Heidelberg

The Hotel Heidelberg was a fixture on Capitol Street for fifty five  years.  The  hotel was opened by Roy and Cecil Heidelberg in 1922 , a modest building of five stories and only 124 rooms.  Architect R. W. Naef’s towering addition of 1937 was designed in the “Modern” style of the period we have come to know as Art-Deco.  This brought the published number of rooms to 300, though the actual number may have been smaller as at least a couple of them were used as permanent apartments for the Heidelbergs and for the Resident Manager.  A state-of-the-art parking garage, known as the “Heidelberg Auto Hotel, ” was built in 1940-41.  The rooftop Victory Room opened shortly thereafter, only to be followed by two more rooftop meeting rooms, the Silver and Olympic Rooms.

​The rooms varied in size considerably, with the ones in the newer tower addition being preferred over those in the original building below.  Most were economically minded twin rooms without a great deal of space.  This was typical of hotels of the period.

Though the hotel continued to renovate and reinvent itself through the 1950s and early 60s, it fell out of fashion and closed its doors on November 11, 1974.  It was demolished in 1977.

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The Hotel Heidelberg stood where the Landmark Building now stands on Capitol Street in Jackson

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Coffee Shop inside the Hotel Heidelberg

Hotel room inside the Hotel Heidelberg

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1962 postcard from the Hotel Heidelberg

Mississippi Retro Apparel

Dining room inside the Hotel Heidelberg

History of the Hotel Heidelberg

Hotel Heidelberg - Jackson