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On July 16, 1970 the Jackson Mall opened at the corner of Woodrow Wilson and Bailey avenues in Jackson, Mississippi. Legendary WLBT weatherman Woodie Assaf was the Master of Ceremonies.

The Jackson Mall was the largest, and most diverse mall within a 400 mile radius, and that includes the bigger cities of New Orleans and Memphis. It sat on some 900,000 square feet on 53 acres of land. The city's first enclosed shopping center was anchored by J. C. Penney's, Gayfers and Woolco. A single-level, long corridor of stores bridged two of the anchors. There was a movie theater too, and there was a center stage section of it that hosted mall events and community events. Similar to other malls of that era, the corridor of the mall was very dark, and it was saturated with different shades of brown, mixed with potted plants and fountains.

​It thrived throughout the 1970's, but it got some serious competition when Metrocenter opened in 1978. The opening of Northpark Mall in 1984, however, dealt a heavier blow. Penney's moved to Northpark in 1985, and Gayfer's made the move in 1987. Soon, the Jackson Mall had almost no retail tenants at all.

In 1995, Dr. Aaron Shirley, former project director for Mississippi’s largest community health center and a longtime resident of Midtown, was walking through the old mall’s echoing corridors when he conceived a plan to bring it and the surrounding community back to life. Dr. Shirley envisioned a comprehensive, mutidisciplinary healthcare complex. He proposed that the property be converted to a state-of-the-art ambulatory healthcare facility, providing quality healthcare for the underserved of Jackson. This ambitious vision for rebirth and renewal would be in Dr. Shirley’s words, “a community-based venture,” in terms of its ownership and mission.

Financial support from three prominent state banking institutions established the Jackson Medical Mall in 1996 and the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation (JMMF), which remains the management arm of the facility to this day. Dr. Shirley chaired the JMMF Board of Directors until his passing in 2014.

​One of the original tenants, Piccadilly Cafeteria, remained open through the transition and is still serving customers today.

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Jackson Mall - Jackson

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Left: Shoppers at the Jackson Mall - Right: Jackson Mall interior with J. C. Penney's in the background

Mississippi Retro Apparel

The Jacskson Mall opened on July 16, 1970

The History of the Jackson Mall