They are for the crowd that knew the bars, clubs, restaurants and music of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. They are reminders of the best of times spent with family and friends at the best places, those places, back then.

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Construction of the dam looking east toward Rankin County

The Ross Barnett Reservoir

History of the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Mississippi Retro Apparel

Aerial view of the spillway looking south

Early construction of the spillway looking southeast toward Rankin County

Aerial view of the spillway looking north

Construction of the watchtower on the dam looking south

Named for Ross R. Barnett, the 52nd Governor of Mississippi, construction on the Ross Barnett Reservoir (originally called the Pearl River Reservoir) began in 1960 by MWH Engineering (now MWH Global) under the direction of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District. The main purpose of the infrastructure project was to create a permanent water source to supply drinking water for the Mississippi capital city of Jackson. Flooding of the Jackson section of the Pearl River had been studied by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers since 1930 and city leaders envisioned commercial and industrial benefits from land reclamation associated with flood control. The Jackson Chamber of Commerce prior to the completion of the reservoir promoted riparian land reclamation with industrial development, a new bypass for U.S. Highway 49 constructed upon a levee, straightening the Pearl River channel and potential navigation. In April of 1962 a fossil of a 40 million year old whale was discovered close to the dam on the Rankin County side. Construction on the lake was completed in 1963, and the water level reached average capacity in 1965.

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Southeastern portion of the reservoir looking south (annotated)

Construction of the Ross Barnett Reservoir Dam (page 1, view page 2)

The Ross Barnett Reservoir

Construction of the railroad trestle across Pelahatchie Creek looking southwest toward Madison County

Aerial photo of the dam looking east toward Rankin County - dated September 19, 1960

Mississippi Memories

Old bridge over the Pearl River in front of the watch tower on the dam

Aerial photo of the dam (annotated) - approximately fall 1960

Mississippi Retro Apparel are wearable flashbacks from years gone by.