They are for the crowd that knew the bars, clubs, restaurants and music of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. They are reminders of the best of times spent with family and friends at the best places, those places, back then.

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The Downtown Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel opened in 1960 at 401 North Lamar Street

Matchbook from the Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel

Entrepreneur R.E. Dumas Milner launched the Downtown Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel in October 1960, naming it after a landmark Mississippi Gulf Coast hotel, the Sun-n-Sand Hotel Court in Biloxi, he owned as well. The hotel was important as a second home for state legislators, especially after the King Edward Hotel closed in 1965. It was moderately priced and within walking distance to the Capitol Building. The legislators could meet informally for meals, entertainment, and legislative negotiations. In 2001, House Ways and Means Chairman Billy McCoy said, “We have passed many important measures because of our conversations after hours in the Sun-n-Sand.”

In addition, its free form, space-age sign recalls the mid-twentieth century Las Vegas style atmosphere and hints at its reputation as the place to party in Jackson. When the legislature legalized liquor in 1965, the Sun-n-Sand was one of the first bars to open in Jackson. One legislative insider remembered that “a year before the state repealed its anti-liquor laws, the place was hopping. I would go to the Legislature and see some of the lawmakers speaking against liquor; then I’d come back to the Sun-n-Sand and watch them take a drink.  They were voting dry and drinking wet.”

In Willie Morris' book, "My Cat Spit McGee" he describes the Sun-n-Sand where he would go to write. "The physiognomy and decor of the Sun-N-Sand were straight out of the 1950s, and since numerous members of the state Legislature rented rooms here, it had been famous for many years for its egregious political wheelings and dealings, not to mention its secretive trysts," Morris wrote. "In the shadowy bar with Patsy Cline and Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn on the jukebox, or in the dining room at breakfast, the pols more or less passed that day's legislation, merely to be formalized later on the floors of the capitol."

The hotel closed in October 2001 and was boarded up shortly thereafter.  

Postcard of the swimming pool at the Downtown Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel

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Sun-n-Sand menu

Downtown Sun-n-Sand Motor Hotel - Jackson

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Mississippi Retro Apparel

Mississippi Retro Apparel are wearable flashbacks from years gone by.