Mississippi Retro Apparel are wearable flashbacks from years gone by.

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Surf Side Cinema - Biloxi

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The Surf Side Twin Cinema was opened November 24, 1971 by Gulf States Theatres in Biloxi, Mississippi on West Highway 90 (West Beach Boulevard) between Veterans Avenue and Travis Avenue.

It was one of the first theatres in the area with rockin chair seats. In the mid-1970’s two additional auditoriums were built on the south end of the building bringing it to a total of 4 screens. It was operated by Gulf States Theatres, Gulf International Cinemas and last by United Artists Theatres. United Aritsts closed it in the late-1990’s.

The Surf Side Cinema was located on West Beach Boulevard in Biloxi, Mississippi

They are for the crowd that knew the bars, clubs, restaurants and music of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. They are reminders of the best of times spent with family and friends at the best places, those places, back then.

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