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Cherokee Drive Inn - Jackson

The Cherokee Drive Inn in Jackson closed in 2015

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...The Cherokee Drive Inn (1410 Old Square Road), long-time Best of Jackson winner for Best Dive Bar and Best Hangover Food, has closed down. The famed establishment has changed locations and owners often enough that no one is certain where and when it was founded or by whom. Some say it was around since the 1920's, but the oldest known owner is Monroe Mason, who took over in 1944. The eatery went through at least five different owners and three or four location changes before coming to what is now its final resting place in 2003.

For some, the Cherokee was all about food. The beloved Jackson eatery was famed for its Thursday roast beef plate lunch, the Barnyard Burger, fried chicken sandwiches, fried green tomatoes and the cult-classic appetizer, comeback dressing served on saltine crackers. It was no organic gastro pub, but with a no-nonsense approach to food, the Cherokee kept the bellies of Jackson full and warm.

Others might remember the Cherokee as a venue. Hanging lights illuminated scuffed and often altogether missing linoleum tiles that gave a sense of history to ponder between games of pool. When there wasn't a country track being played, regulars could look forward to acts like The D'lo Trio picking away on a Thursday night...

Farewell to the Cherokee Drive Inn

Mississippi Retro Apparel

The Cherokee Drive Inn at 1410 Old Square Road in Jackson, Mississippi

Matchbook from the Cherokee Inn

The end of era came to a close in Jackson in 2015 when the Cherokee Drive Inn shut its doors for good.

In an article titled Farewell the the Cherokee Drive Inn written by Zachary Oren Smith and Dustin Cardon and published by Jackson Free Press on May 26, 2015 the history and memories of the Cherokee's patrons are summed up:

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