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The Gin - Oxford

A massive fire destroys a historic north Mississippi gin that later became a popular restaurant.

The fire started Saturday (March 6, 2010) night at the landmark, situated just off the downtown square in Oxford. A passerby videotaped the blaze as the flames ripped through The Gin, which was a popular bar before it closed. He captured the fire lighting up the sky as the fire hit its peak before firefighters arrived.

The Gin had been empty for about a decade, but the land was recently purchased. People watched as firefighters put out hot spots.

The new owner calls this total loss a heartbreaker.

"My daughter was wanting to open it back up as a gin," said Larry McAlexander. "In the last month we were in the process of cleaning it up and negotiating with two people to lease it."

Two nearby restaurants had to be evacuated. No one was hurt. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Oxford's 'The Gin' Destroyed by Fire

Originally printed by WLBT on March 7, 2010

The Gin before burning down on March 6, 2010

A matchbook from The Gin in Oxford, Mississippi

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