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Left: Green Derby dining room - Right: Billboard on Highway 80

The Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News printed the following article on October 16, 1955 about the restaurants change in location:

​          "A handsome new dining place is under construction in West Jackson to be operated by the Green                  Derby Restaurant for the Drake Motel.

          Wise Construction Company of Jackson is building the 4,000 square foot building on U.S. Highway 80            West, on a high knoll overlooking the city’s picturesque skyline.

          The building will contain a large dining room, two club dining rooms and a coffee shop with a total                  seating capacity of 170.

          The restaurant is so designed that during the peak hours all dining areas may be served with a                          minimum of cross traffic by the help.

          One wall of the main dining room is set at an angle and is glass to permit diners to view the skyline.                The front of the building faces directly west, with a minimum of glass in the front to avoid the hot                      afternoon sun rays, and to permit the maximum efficiency of air conditioning.

          Godfrey and Bassett of Jackson are the architects."

The Bradshaws eventually opened a second location in Jackson at the intersection of Highway 80 West and Robinson Road. They continued as owners until May of 1975 when they retired. The Green Derby continued to serve travelers and loyal locals alike for almost two more decades under new owners. The building at the Ellis Avenue location was demolished in March of 1993. Afterwards a Denny's Restaurant was built on the site. Denny's was later demolished and a Wendy's was constructed.

Green Derby during a winter snow

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The demolition of the Green Derby Restaurant at Highway 80 West and Ellis Avenue in March 1993

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Green Derby Restaurant postcard and matchbook from Ellis Avenue location

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The original Green Derby Restaurant was opened in September of 1947 at the intersection of Highway 80 West and Robinson Street in Jackson, Mississippi by the Bradshaw family. In 1955, the Bradshaws moved the restaurant to the intersection of Highway 80 West and Ellis Avenue.

Green Derby Restaurant - Jackson

Green Derby Restaurant postcard and matchbook from Robinson Road location