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The original Ward's was opened by twins Richard and Ed Ward on 40th Avenue in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on May 25, 1978. Since opening the "Big One" and "Lil' One", which are burgers served with a combination of homemade chili, a tangy special sauce, pickles, onions and cheese, have become the quintessential menu items (along with Ward's famous root beer) for the central and south Mississippi drive-in and has fans all across the country.

Ward's iconic chili and root beer are made in-house at each location every morning. They are both vestiges of the Frostop, a New Orleans chain, which the Ward brothers opened in Hattiesburg in 1957. The chili dog was a popular item at the Frostop, so when the brothers opened Ward's, they added chili to the burgers and the "Big One" was born.​​

Sign hanging in a Ward's commemorating their first day of business, May 25th, 1978

Ward's - Mississippi